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Sudoku Master is a pretty good version of the classic Japanese game Sudoku; it adds a new game variant, and offers thousands of puzzles to solve. The rules of the game are very simple; it shows us a grid, which is divided into 9 columns and rows with empty tiles and the objective is to complete it with numbers from 1 to 9, and in this case with letters as well, without repeating entries in columns, or rows. In case you play the letter sudoku, the rule is that the first line of the puzzle should always form a valid English word.
The program features a user-friendly and intuitive interface; the basic controls to play are arranged in a very convenient way. We can pick numbers or letters from a sort of keyboard on the toolbar, and also use the keyboard to insert digits. There is a button to undo the last actions unlimited times, and also an eraser tool to remove invalid numbers or letters.
Before starting to play, we can choose the difficulty level of our game, select any of the two game types, and decide whether we want to play in timed or untimed mode. In addition, we can also save our game to continue playing later, and even print out the puzzles.
It has the ‘best results’ window that keeps detailed statistics of every game, registering such information as the level of difficulty and the time taken to complete the puzzle.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Mouse and keyboard support
  • Thousands of puzzles to solve
  • Fair price


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